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Setting the Stage for Lasting Memories

Setting the Stage for Lasting Memories

Setting the Stage for Lasting MemoriesSetting the Stage for Lasting MemoriesSetting the Stage for Lasting Memories

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About BrickHeadZ

Creating Memorable Events

BrickHeadZ builds relationships, imagination, creativity and knowledge by offering STEM-based programs. At BrickHeadZ, we approach each child as an individual with their own unique talents and unique needs. We aim to foster the desire of each builder by providing the tools to empower them to be confident and creative builders of their future. We aim to accomplish this goal by offering opportunities in Model Building, Robotics, Build & Play Skills, Workshops, Birthday Parties, SOL-related Field Trips, Home School Programs, Summer Camps, and Enrichment Sessions.

Our Mission

 BrickHeadZ's mission is to offer enrichment learning opportunities to inspire creative exploration, promote social engagement, and encourage critical thinking. We believe that every child is a unique individual with an underlying desire to reach their personal potential. At  BrickHeadZ, we aim to foster that desire by providing opportunities that empower children to be confident and creative. Utilizing a range of interactive experiences, we aim to promote a sense of community, friendship, creative expression, self esteem, and independent thinking within a safe, engaging, and, most of all, fun, environment.

Our Commitments


  • To provide ongoing opportunities to inspire creativity, self expression, learning, and critical thinking.
  • To promote successful social competence and adaptation to a diverse and changing society.
  • To promote learning experiences that encourage children to reach their educational potential.
  • To develop friendships, promote a sense of accomplishment, and have fun!